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Whether we wander around the narrow alleys of Vishwanath Gali or stroll at the Ganga ghats, Varanasi always remains. It is an interesting and intriguing place.Yes I Durgesh Choubey Licensed guide from Uttar Pradesh of Tourism is born and grew up in the narrow passages of Vishwanath Gali and love to ramble through Ganga ghats.

Varanasi is also known as Banaras and Kashi. This ancient city has been referred to as Kashi (Kāśi) in Rig Veda, one of the most ancient Hindu sacred texts. Kashi is derived from the words Kaś that means ‘to shine’. Kashi is thus also known as the ‘city of light’.

If you want to illuminate your mind and soul from the divine refulgence of the City of Lord Shiva then please free to contact. Jai Mahadev

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About Us

Diversity and the distinctiveness of the regional cultures of India through superimposition in the passage of time. People from all parts of India, speaking different languages and dialects and carrying their own traits, taboos and traditional have settled in this city.

Ultimately they accepted Vishvanath Shiva as their main deity. In Varanasi Banaras alone, there are over 3600 Hindu shrines and, 42 Sikh temples, 12 churches, 3 Jain temples, 9 Buddhist temples and several other sacred sites and places. it is said ‘by seeing Varanasi, one can see as much of life as the whole India can show’; but it is not easy to comprehend for those who stand outside the Hindu tradition. The stories of Ganga would change, but the motherly river lives on.

The 6.5 KMs long river front of river Ganga in Varanasi, possesses a unique history, specific vision of magnificent architectural row of lofty buildings and holy sites.

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